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Game Modes For Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk

There are different modes of shadow battle 2 .Very similar to survivals, boss fights and tournaments and lots of others. Permit us to discuss modes of shadow battle 2 mod apk in detail beneath.


You got the cost price ticket since the reward for duels modes. The opponent it will be ninjas. This is in a position to be crowd pleasing in shadow battle 2 mod apk. Fighting downside it will be doubled. You will get spin after winning this level. Spin accommodates different rewards very similar to tickets, money, various colors of appeal orbs and monk equipment.


This mode is alleged to boss fights. After winning two body guards of demon boss. Duel mode it will be unlocked. And the worst section is , it is mandatory to win 2 duels as neatly. Moreover , the rules and regulations for duels are changed as compared to other modes. Internet connection is wanted for shadow battle 2 mod apk duel rounds. And you’ll be able to play once in 4 hours merely. Rewards are smaller amount of XP and tickets for Ascension.

Tough eventualities

Tough eventualities are related to the fit of shadow fight 2 mod apk. After unlocking 6 ranges of fit, Tough eventualities modes it will be available to play. You will have to play 24 ranges and each level has 3 rounds for not easy eventualities mode of shadow battle 2 mod apk. It is mandatory to win 2/3 rounds proper right here as neatly. The reward is Gold and XP as neatly.


For survival , player will have to play 10 successive rounds. After wining ten rounds in survival mode. Shopper will get small amount of XP and a couple of money.

Boss Fights 

For boss fights mode , The individual must win from 5 body guards. With each body guard each are compatible it will be of 3 rounds. So there it will be much more downside for the player of shadow battle 2 mod apk. Story is not over however. After winning from five guards, The individual must battle with demon boss. This battle accommodates 5 rounds. You mush want to win 3 rounds to get victory. And it may be the most important for the game player to defeat demon. Other good you’ll be able to not switch forward. The rewards are some money , small amount of XP , combating bonus along with some gems.

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The basic round of the game is Fit. You will have to clear 24 ranges. Each and every level may have 3 rounds in shadow battle 2 mod apk. Shopper must win 2 out of 3. Rewards for wining fit of shadow battle 2 it will be money and XP moreover.

Old-fashioned Wounds

Old-fashioned wound level were given right here up specifically model of shadow battle 2. After winning three ranges of fit. Shadow battle 2 out of date wound mode it will be unlocked. You will regulate a sensei and for defeat of two body guards and semon boss, you’ll be able to use his power. it is crowd pleasing. The max winning rounds will have to be 2. The rewards are also Xp , Gemstones and money for out of date wounds.


This mode is for multiplayer consumers. In this underworld mode, Avid players will make a workforce to defeat the demon bosses.

Challenger Fights

After particular person defeat the principle body guard in boss fights level. Challengers can come any time all over bodyguards fights. For the reason that winning reward it will be very important and complimentary to defeat other body guards. So, you must want to defeat the challengers in order win other levels. The rewards for challenger fights are small amount of XP, fighter bonus and fighter weapons.


Gate Of Shadows

After winning from shogun, The gate of shadows will occur. When shadow will about to close the gate, demon bosses for all the previous modes it will be there. It is survival mode combat. The overall one will be the winner. Successful rewards it will be weapons of the bosses and appeal.

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